Service Details Costs – VAT charged at current rate of 20%


Basic Will Single Basic Will £300+VAT (at 20%)
Standard Will Single Will more Complex eg. Trust Provision £450+VAT (at 20%)
Mirror Will Basic Mirror Will £450+VAT (at 20%)
Standard Mirror Will Mirror Will more Complex eg.

Trust Provision

£600+VAT (at 20%)
  Notice of Severance £75+VAT (at 20%)
Lasting Power of Attorney
Lasting power of Attorney Property & Financial Affairs

Court registration Fee

£500+VAT (at 20%)

£82 Per Person NO VAT

Lasting power of Attorney Health & Welfare

Court registration fee

£500+VAT (at 20%)

£82 Per Person NO VAT

Power of Attorney General Power of Attorney £250+VAT (at 20%)

If an individual has both types of LPA, the second LPA cost is reduced to £300+VAT (at 20%) plus £82 Court registration fee per person (if same details as the first LPA)

If a couple both have LPAs, the first is charged at £500+VAT (at 20%) and each subsequent one (if they are ‘mirror’ LPAs) are charged at £300+VAT (at 20%).

Probate Fees

Dealing with Probate matters we charge on an hourly rate.

Dean Barnard, Solicitor & Partner: £250 per Hour plus VAT (at 20%)

Andrew Dee, Solicitor & Partner: £250 per Hour plus VAT (at 20%)

Timescale Guide

A simple estate, no property to sell and there is a single beneficiary may take between

4 – 10 Hours to complete as a guide.

A complex estate where multiple beneficiaries and involved, disposal of residential/commercial property, taxable estate and number of bank accounts and investments may take up to 20 – 30 hours to complete as a guide.

Dealing with the sale or transfer of a property is not included in the above fees, please refer to our Conveyancing price guide.


Disbursements are costs that are payable to a third party in the course of this process.

Grant of Probate application fee  £155+VAT (at 20%)

£1.50 per copy of the grant NO VAT

Land Registry Search fee 


£3 for each title search NO VAT

£3 for each plan search NO VAT

Landmark Financial Asset Search fee  £155+VAT (at 20%)


Probate valuation fees for house contents or quantity and value These will vary depending on specific items of value


Newspaper notices


£200 – £300 depending on what notices are placed NO VAT
Bankruptcy search 


£2 per beneficiary NO VAT
Probation valuation fees for investments


These will vary depending on quantity and value
Accountancy fees 


These vary and may be payable if tax returns become due during the administration of the estate or a personal tax return must be submitted on behalf of the deceased 

Above is an approximate indication of the disbursements that may be involved in the administration of an estate.