Dee & Griffin Solicitors would be delighted to help you with your property transaction.

Here are three unique reasons to trust us:

  • We are experts in Gloucestershire properties, because we are from Gloucestershire
  • Free and convenient parking at all of our offices; Hucclecote, Quedgeley and Cheltenham
  • Our award-winning support for charities providing sporting opportunities to disabled children

Please see the attached fee break down, we recognise that the fees and the process can be confusing so if any clarification is required we would encourage you to call 01452 617288 to speak to one of the team.

Every property is different and it can be difficult to know what will happen in the course of the property transaction, but we do hope that the following fees indicate our potential costs and the excellent value for money in return for the local expert legal advice.

Sale and Purchase Fees

Protecting you legally when purchasing or selling a property is a serious business that requires genuine attention to detail. As we work to protect your legal position, we will also be engaging with other parties including the Land Registry, estate agents, mortgage advisors, and other solicitors.

We will also complete key services including the completion of searches, reviewing the mortgage documents, handling the sellers enquiries and advising on your contract documents. We leave no stone unturned because we have seen any and all eventually in dealing with Gloucestershire properties.

Please review our Timescales & Key stages of the Conveyancing process HERE.

In order to provide this expert advice we do charge a fee illustrated below:

Sale and Purchase Initial Fee List

Up to £200,000.00                              £595.00 plus VAT

£200,001.00 – £250,000.00                 £675.00 plus VAT

£250,001.00 – £300,000.00                 £750.00 plus VAT

£300,001.00 – £400,000.00                 £775.00 plus VAT

£400,001.00 – £500,000.00                 £825.00 plus VAT

£500,001.00 – £600,000.00                 £925.00 plus VAT

£600,001.00 – £700,000.00                 £1,000.00 plus VAT

Over £700,000                                    Price available on request

A fee will also be charged for the following:

Disbursements are third party fees that are charged directly to you (we do not receive any of these funds)

Disbursements Sale

Office Copy Entries & Filed Plan (no VAT)      £16

Web Tracking (no VAT)                                   £26.40

Disbursement Purchase

Local Search (no VAT)                         £145

Drainage Report (no VAT)                   £70.50

Web Tracking (no VAT)                       £26.40

K16/Bankruptcy (no VAT)                   £2 per name

OS1 (no VAT)                                       £3 per title

Land Registration Fee (no VAT)          £135 Dependant on price

Remortgage Fees

 Our re-mortage fees are listed as follows:

 Remortgage Legal Fee                                                £400.00 plus VAT

Transfer of Equity (coupled with remortgage)          £150.00 plus VAT

Transfer of Equity Legal Fee (stand-alone)                 £425.00 plus VAT

Mortgage Discharge Fee                                            £125.00 plus VAT

The following section highlights all the potential additional fees that may be incurred in the course of a transaction. This list can be intimidating to the first time buyer so please seek clarification, but as local people we want to upfront and transparent on the potential fees that could be incurred. Every property is different and some require more work than others and by breaking down our fees we think this is the fairest way to balance our expert advice and your hard earned money.

Additional Conveyancing Fees Tariff

Breaking the chain administration fee £250.00 plus VAT
Mortgage administration fee £125.00 plus VAT
Dealing with Third Parties/Other Solicitors administration fee Up to £350.00 plus VAT
Help to Buy ISA administration Fee (per ISA) £50.00 plus VAT
Help to Buy Scheme administration fee £150.00 plus VAT
Gifted Deposit administration fee (per Gift) £150.00 plus VAT
Deed of Trust fee (basic) £80.00 plus VAT
Deed of Covenant fee £80.00 plus VAT
Deed of Variation fee (basic/less than 3 parties) £250.00 plus VAT
Deed of Variation fee (complex/more than 3 parties) £550.00 plus VAT
Indemnity Policy administration fee £25.00 plus VAT
Lease Extension fee (combined with a Sale/Purchase) £350.00 plus VAT
Search administration fee £29.17 plus VAT
Shared Ownership administration fee £150.00 plus VAT
Statutory Declaration fee £80.00 plus VAT
Unpaid Postage administration Fee £10.00 plus VAT
Copy of file and/or documents administration fee £25.00 plus VAT
File retrieval administration fee £25.00 plus VAT
Broker administration fee £25.00 plus VAT
Leasehold administration fee £200.00 plus VAT
Unregistered Property fee £250.00 plus VAT
Land Registry EDRS administration fee £50.00 plus VAT
Lawyer Checker Fee £10.00 plus VAT
Electronic Money Transfer Fee £35.00 plus VAT
SDLT Form £125.00 plus VAT

Please call 01452 617288 to get more information and advice from our friendly local team.

We are confident of delivering an outstanding service and we look forward to working with you.