Thinking of making a will? Or need a current Will amending? Why not make your Will something that not only will give you peace of mind but will also do some good for charity? Dee and Griffin are proud to be in support of Cobalt, Cancer Research UK and Will Aid. Dee and Griffin’s own Dean Barnard, Partner, generously donated his Will service expertise in exchange for a suggested donation to charity. These schemes run at various times of the year and some are age dependent. Please see below for details on each scheme.

Cobalt: Make A Will Month – April

Cheltenham based medical charity, Cobalt, have been running their annual Make A Will Month for 6 consecutive years and the appeal takes place every April.  During April partner solicitors donate their expertise and time to Cobalt. They will write or update a straightforward Will in return for a voluntary donation to Cobalt. The suggested donation is £100 for a single Will and £150 for mirror Wills. Click here for further information.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK’s Free Will Service is available all year round providing you are aged 55 or over. Listed partner solicitors will write or update a simple single or mirrored Will for a suggested donation or gift within the Will to Cancer Research UK. If selecting the mirrored Will only one person need to be over 55. For more information regarding the free Will Service Click here.

If you feel inspired to not only help yourself and your family by writing your Will but also spreading a bit of good will to others don’t hesitate to contact us today on on 01452 617288 or email and one of our friendly and professional team will be more than happy to help.