Whether buying, selling or renting a house; the chances are you will need to seek advice from a professional property solicitor. With sensitive and important life changing events it is imperative you choose the right legal advice for your individual circumstances. With 21st century technology at your fingertips the options to you are vast, overwhelming and at the least confusing. Help is at hand with thirty years’ experience and branches based in Cheltenham, Hucclecote and Quedgeley, Dee and Griffin offer a professional and expert service to families, firms and landlords. Why choose a local solicitor? We believe that choosing a local solicitor has a wealth of perks and we have compiled a selection of some of the best reasons why you should choose a local solicitor.

  1. Local Knowledge

Employing a solicitor with a good knowledge of the local area can be particularly beneficial when dealing with conveyancing services helping give you peace of mind. Buying and selling a house for example can be incredibly demanding; both financially and emotionally. Having an in-depth understanding of particular issues that can affect a specific region can only come from a locally based expert.

  1. Personal Service

Using a local solicitor gives you greater opportunity for regular face to face meetings and the chance to build a better relationship with your solicitor which makes talking about personal and sensitive matters far less daunting.

  1. Ease of travel

Buying and selling houses is stressful enough without having to travel lengthy journeys to meet with your solicitor. Having a local solicitor ensures that unnecessary travel is one less factor for you to consider whatever your requirements. It is even more convenient when they have dedicated free parking.

  1. The Unexpected

Life has a habit of not always going quite how one may hope; unexpected hiccups can throw your world into disarray. For example, an additional document needs signing that wasn’t expected; having a local solicitor means you can relax knowing you can easily access your document without having to wait days for a letter or visit.

  1. Local is often more responsive

Often, national law firms simply don’t always have the manpower or logistic ability to respond as quickly and efficiently as you may have liked. Local firms are often smaller and have experienced teams who can assist in responding quickly and effectively to your queries.

  1. Reputation is key

Local solicitors are far more likely to have been recommended to you by an invaluable source such as a friend or a family member. They work hard on customer service to maintain their local reputation so that customers come back again and again. When dealing with matters such as your home or your family who would you rather trust? The opinion of someone close to you or an online search engine from a company never to be seen or heard from locally again.

These are just some of the reasons we at Dee and Griffin would recommend using a local solicitor. With over thirty years’ experience at our local Gloucestershire based offices; providing sensitive and expert advice to families, firms and landlords amongst others. Dee and Griffin offer a personal and friendly face to face service, with free parking at all three of our branches to ensure you don’t have unnecessary worry of where to park the car. We pride ourselves on an excellent reputation which is second to none and our aim is to leave all our clients happy and satisfied. Don’t just take our word for it call Dee and Griffin today on 01452 617288 or email us info@deeandgriffin.co.uk for an informal conversation where we one of our friendly and expert staff members will be more than happy to help.