Nobody likes to think about the worst and unexpected happening, unfortunately none of us ever really know just what life has in store for us. If something was to happen an unexpected illness, accident or worse, would you not want to know your loved ones were protected and able to handle your affairs as required? A Will obviously covers how you wish your estate is distributed after death but what if for any reason you unfortunately were not in a position where you could look after your finances and business matters or indeed make decisions regarding your own health and welfare? This is where a Lasting Power of Attorney could be vital for you, perhaps more important than the Will itself even. Simply speaking a Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document professionally drafted by a solicitor or legal representative which legally sets out your wishes as to who you would like to have a right to handle your financial affairs and you can also create one to allow your attorney to make decisions regarding your health and welfare in the case that you can’t for whatever reason.

You choose who you give the power to in a Lasting Power of Attorney, most likely it will be a spouse or close family member. With the assistance of a professional and sensitive solicitor, between you, you will carefully legally bind your wishes as to exactly who and how your financial matters are dealt with in an event of unforeseen circumstances, or to confirm the decisions required to look after you. Whilst of sound mind you can instruct your solicitor to make any changes to the Lasting Power of Attorney that you deem fit.

Dee and Griffin’s friendly Private Client department will happily assist you along every step and ensure your Lasting Power of Attorney is entirely unique to your circumstances. The documents can be as simple or as complex as you require it is important you understand and are comfortable with what you are signing. Our professional service will ensure you are covered if the unforeseeable was to occur, giving you the peace of mind someone you trust will be legally able to handle your affairs in the event you are incapacitated for whatever reason.

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