Plans for the Future?

To continue to grow our Cheltenham office and make Dee & Griffin a leading law firm within the area. I want to be a challenger to the established Cheltenham firms and change the perception we are only a Gloucester firm. We have certainly gained a wider reach and positive reputation within the first few years since we launched here together with a now expanded knowledge of the type of properties, such as Grade II listed buildings and numerous lease extensions, which are typical to the area of Cheltenham.

Advice for aspiring female professionals?

Get as much work experience as possible so you get a feel for the area of law you are passionate about. Weigh up your career and study path options, outside of those of a traditional law degree approach. There are plenty of other options available to suit individual needs, so speak to those that have followed various routes. Our senior staff have all taken different routes and that has helped us understand and recognise those various training options as an organisation. This illustrates how we are constantly challenging the ‘traditional’ way of doing things, with our modern approach and view.

Reflections and Highlights

Each accomplished milestone is a highlight. Achieving each goal – from qualifying as a legal executive to then on to a solicitor, running our Quedgeley office and becoming a partner have all been huge personal highlights.

I am particularly proud of starting the Cheltenham office from its first launch and growing a fantastic team within it of Jess, Julie, Amy, Vicki and Emily offering assistance to clients in the areas of property, family law and litigation. I’m from Cheltenham so offering Dee & Griffin a dynamic non-Cheltenham law firm into the area, with it’s refreshing perspective on traditionalism is an exciting challenge for me.

Outside of work I have a busy home-life with my husband, two boys and an energetic dog! Free time is generally filled with various sporting activities – tennis, rugby, swimming, football and golf. We regularly attend the gym, quite often as a family, but I do manage to get a Pilates class or two in for a bit of time to myself, however, generally my boys keep me busy! These are good times and always a highlight.


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